Southern Arc Dance Center



The vision of Southern Arc Dance Center is to bring into existence an enviable forum for teaching and learning the absolute best of dance and movement. Atop a foundation of superb technique and mutual respect, teacher and student will have the freedom to create and express their most authentic selves using elements for inspiration from many of the Fine Arts forms, such as music, voice, theatre, film, photography, paintings and the written word.

We are proud to provide the place for dancers and movers of all ages and international diversities to achieve and/or surpass their goals in terms of physical, emotional and creative well-being. Those with the talent and desire to make a career of dance or movement will have our unwavering support, time and vast array of contacts in order to help make their dreams come true.

Southern Arc Dance Center is committed to seeking out and encouraging the joyful dancer and mover in every student who walks through these doors not only today, but for generations to come.


The mission of Southern Arc Dance Center is to provide a supportive environment for learning and creative expression of the highest caliber in every genre of dance and movement, uniquely drawing inspiration from all aspects of the Fine Arts.

Our Goal is to provide a fun supportive environment for the development of creativity through the art of dance and movement, while providing the absolute best education in the discipline, technique, musicality, and artistry that is dance.  We are committed to collaborating with all art forms focusing on the similarities. We are also determined to make every effort to reach out to those in the community who are currently not represented in the dance schools in our area realizing the importance of diversity as we continue to educate a new generation of performing artist, and art lovers. We will continually look for new and exciting venues for performance experiences, in our journey to become a renowned world class institution.